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Pneumatic tools are used extensively in the mining, quarrying and construction industries. Pneumatic tools (also known as air tools)  are power tools driven by compressed air supplied by air compressors.  Air tools come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small hand tools to jackhammers (paving breakers) and massive rig mounted units as shown on the right.

Air tools generate more power in relation to their weight than conventional power tools and they are amongst the most indestructible power tools available. Many of them, however, fail prematurely. One of the root causes for this is the use of incorrect or substandard lubricants.

Blue Chip offers a complete range of quality lubricants to keep your air tools and rock drills where they belong – in production. Included in the range are:

Compo air compressor oils are formulated to meet the most demanding requirements of both rotary and reciprocating compressors. The outstanding oxidation stability of the synthetic variants makes them ideal for air compressors operating at very high pressures and temperatures. Compo is available in all relevant viscosity grades which makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Rockdrill Oil RD-C is a range of high quality lubricants designed for use in heavy duty rotary and percussion type pneumatic tools. The product line includes all universal viscosity grades making them fit for use in a vast selection of equipment and operating conditions.

Rockdrill Grease is a high performance, semi-fluid lubricant optimised for percussion-type air tools. It is particularly suitable for use as an in-line lubricant for rock drills in applications where operating conditions are severe. Rockdrill Grease extends equipment life, even in the presence of highly corrosive underground mine water.

Rockdrill Emulsion is an environmentally friendly, water-in-oil emulsion recommended for use in heavy duty pneumatic tools – rock drills in particular. Rockdrill Emulsion reduces misting to provide cleaner, safer working  conditions and improved operator comfort.

Drill Rod Grease RD-W300 is specifically designed for the lubrication and protection of rock drill drilling rods. It is formulated to control friction between the rod and the rock strata and thereby reducing rotational torque and vibration, resulting in improved productivity.

Rock drills are designed to take lots of ‘hammering’ but without proper lubrication they simply dont last. The Blue Chip rock drill product portfolio is formulated to lubricate and protect air-operated equipment effectively for extended periods of time.

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