OilChat Topics #OilChat 80

Welcome to the eightieth edition of our newsletter. OilChat was introduced way back in October 2015 in response to requests and suggestions from our customers, distributors and our own sales team. The objective was a regular publication to share topical information about the oil industry, and lubrication in particular.

The topic of the inaugural issue of OilChat was Lubricating Base Oil since it is the foundation of most lubricants. The following editions of the newsletter focused on various basic subjects, such as viscosity, lubricant additives, oil formulations and lubricant specifications, to furnish our OilChat readers with a sound knowledge of the basics of lubrication. Thereafter lubricant applications were the key discussion subjects, with The Journey of Oil in the Engine one of the most popular topics.

More recently we have been writing about a broad range of lubrication related issues based on what is happening in the oil industry, new developments and topics of importance to everyone with interest in lubrication. Last, but certainly not least, some of the articles were based on questions and suggestions from you, our readers.

All previous editions of OilChat are still available on our website and are a useful encyclopedia of information on many aspects of lubrication and the oil industry. In fact, if you are au fait with the contents of all the newsletters you will be very much on par with delegates that have attended one of our Basic Lubrication Courses. To access our newsletters simply go to www.q8oils.co.za and click on the tab OilChats at the top of the homepage.

The newsletters are listed in numerical order but considering the number of OilChats that were issued since October 2015, it may be quite time consuming to find a bulletin dealing with a specific topic. To simplify your search we attach an index of all the OilChat topics we have published to date. In conclusion we wish to thank all OilChat followers for the loyal support of our forum. We want this newsletter to be of continued interest and value to you, so please share your feedback and suggestions with us to help us to improve your OilChat experience. Please mail any recommendations or questions that you may have to info@bcl.co.za or phone us at 011 462 1829.


1 Lubricant Base Oil 28 Automatic Transmission Fluid 55 Covid-19 and the Oil Industry
2 Viscosity and Viscosity Index 29 Borderline Pumping Temperature 56 AW vs EP additives Pt 1
3 SAE Engine Oil Viscosity Grades 30 Hydraulic Oil Selection 57 AW vs EP additives Pt 2
4 SAE Gear Oil Viscosity Grades 31 New Q8 Diesel Engine Oil 58 Chainsaw Lubrication
5 Industrial Oil Viscosity Grades 32 Total Base Number 59 Heat Transfer Oil
6 Industrial Gear Oil Classification 33 Cylinder Bore Polishing 60 Multigrade vs Monograde Oil
7 Engine Oil Composition 34 Cylinder Bore Glazing 61 Bicycle Service Products
8 API Petrol Engine Oils 35 Viscosity Index Improvers 62 API GL-6 Gear Oil
9 API Diesel Engine Oils 36 Detergent Dispersant Additives 63 UTTO vs TO-4 Fluid
10 Q8Oils Antwerp Blending Plant 37 Metal Working Fluid 64 All About AdBlue
11 ACEA Engine Oil Sequences Pt 1 38 Metal Working Fluid Management 65 Rock Drill Lubricants
12 ACEA Engine Oil Sequences Pt 2 39 Slideway Lubricants 66 To Flush or Not to Flush
13 API Gear Oil Classifications 40 Limited Slip Diff Lubrication 67 Contamination Destroys Hydraulics
14 Automotive Gear Oil Applications 41 Fuel Economy vs Engine Wear 68 Grease Intervals and Amounts
15 Lubricating Grease Pt 1 42 HTHS Viscosity 69 Overfilling Engine Oil
16 Lubricating Grease Pt 2 43 Lubricant Storage Life 70 Engine Oil Level Rising
17 Universal Tractor Lubricants 44 Two-Stroke Engine Lubrication Pt 1 71 Diptstick Oil Analysis
18 Flash Point 45 Two-Stroke Engine Lubrication Pt 2 72 Blotter Spot Engine Oil Test
19 ACEA Oil Sequences 2016 46 Two-Stroke Engine Lubrication Pt 3 73 Crackle Test for Water in Oil
20 Compressor Lubrication Pt 1 47 Soot in Engie Oil 74 Cavitation
21 Compressor Lubrication Pt 2 48 Engine Oil Deterioration 75 Gear Wear Pattern Analysis
22 Lubrication Regimes 49 Lubricant Aeration and Foaming 76 Oil Filter Analysis
23 Pour Point of Lubricating Oil 50 Base Oil Classification 77 Machine Health Checks
24 Grease Oil Separation 51 Chain Lubrication 78 The Danger of Water in Oil
25 Antifreeze Engine Coolant 52 Air Tool Lubrication 79 Extended Engine Oil Drain Intervals
26 The Journey of Oil in the Engine 53 History of Lubrication Pt 1 80 Index of Topics
27 Brake Fluid 54 History of Lubrication Pt 2