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We all know that history has the tendency to repeat itself, although very seldom precisely. Since the first two-wheeler hit the road, way back in 1817, there had been several specific historic periods of time marked by increased bicycle enthusiasm, popularity and sales. After the invention of  pneumatic tyres in 1887, the bicycle was the ultimate must-have, with females being the most ardent supporters of cycling.

It offered swift, affordable and stylish transportation that could take you anywhere you cared to go, anytime you liked and for free. Fast forward the clock about a hundred years and we saw a renewed interest in cycling, triggered mainly by an upper-class passion for health and fitness. By 1990 mountain biking was a new sport that boosted pedal-power to the flavour of the time, even more so today.

Modern bikes are a far cry from the ‘boneshakers’ of yesteryear. Nowadays MTBs are packed with state-of-the-art technology, such as carbon fibre frames, front forks with coil springs, dropper seatposts, hydraulic disc brakes, electronic gears and more. Notwithstanding this array of cutting-edge features, maintenance still plays a critical role in the efficient and reliable operation of bicycles. Blue Chip Lubricants offers a complete range of products to assist you in doing just that. Some of the key products in the range are:


Brakz is a high-performance fluid especially designed for use in hydraulic brake systems fitted to modern mountain bikes. Due to its special formulation, Blue Chip Brakz is suitable for all cycle brake systems that require mineral or synthetic based brake fluid. Brakz is dyed green for easy identification and is available in handy resealable 125 ml plastic sachets.


Chainz is specifically formulated to lubricate the chains and sprockets of both on- and off-road bicycles. The wax-based formulation provides maximum film strength and resists throw-off, even at high speeds. Blue Chip Chainz controls oil, grease and grime build up to eliminate the  formation of detrimental ‘grinding paste’. Chainz comes in 125 ml sachets.


Degreaz is a multi-purpose water-based degreasing fluid suitable for a wide variety of cleaning applications. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-flammable. It is a cost-effective solution for stubborn greasy dirt and grime that have accumulated over extended periods of time. Blue Chip Degreaz is available in convenient 250 ml plastic sachets for quick and easy use by cycling enthusiasts.


The range also includes penetrating oil spray, grease, etc. To learn more about the complete range of Blue Chip Lubricants’ bicycle service and maintenance products, phone 011 462 1829, email us at  or visit