Optimal control on the trails

Hydraulic brake fluid plays a crucial role in the performance and safety of mountain bikes. Specially designed for hydraulic braking systems, this fluid serves as a medium to transmit force from the brake lever to the brake caliper. Known for its excellent thermal stability and resistance to compression, hydraulic brake fluid ensures consistent and reliable braking even under extreme conditions. Its low viscosity allows for efficient transfer of hydraulic pressure, resulting in quick and responsive braking. Furthermore, hydraulic brake fluids are formulated to prevent corrosion and maintain the integrity of brake components. Regular maintenance, including fluid checks and replacement, is essential for optimal brake function and rider safety.

Blue Chip Brakz is a high-performance fluid especially designed for use in hydraulic brake systems fitted to modern mountain bikes. Due to its special formulation Blue Chip Brakz is suitable for all cycle brake systems that require mineral or synthetic based brake fluids. It is available in handy 125ml plastic sachets.

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