Long Life 5W-30 oil

Q8 Formula Special G Long Life 5W-30 is a new generation synthetic engine oil designed for use in modern, high performance petrol engines and light commercial diesel engines. It is formulated with the latest mid-SAPS additive technology to exceed ACEA C3 and API SN/CF requirements and to comply with the stringent requirements of major engine manufacturers.

Q8 Formula Special G Long Life 5W-30 is a high-performance engine oil formulated for a wide variety of European, Asian and American engines, including BMW, Hyundai, MB, Toyota, VW/Audi and many more. It delivers superior protection against engine wear, high temperature deposits and sludge formation, resulting in outstanding engine cleanliness and increased engine durability. Formula Special G Long Life is suitable for extended drain intervals and is compatible with exhaust after-treatment systems, such as exhaust catalysts and diesel particulate filters. It is recommended for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with normally aspirated or turbocharged engines.

Car manufacturers have been recommending SAE 5W-30 engine oils for new vehicles available on the South African market for some time now. When these vehicles are under warranty their owners have little option but to use the motor oil supplied by the agents, but many of these vehicles are now out of warranty. The manufacturers’ oils come with exorbitant prices hence we are getting more frequent requests for more affordable SAE 5W-30 motor oils. Good news is that Q8 Formula Special G Long Life 5W-30 is available at very competitive prices, certainly much lower than what vehicle owners would be charged by the manufacturers’ agents.  

Q8 Formula Special G Long Life 5W-30 also addresses the justified concerns of many motorists that SAE 5W-30 oils are ‘too light’ for the harsh South African operating conditions and extreme temperatures. The high viscosity index and shear stable synthetic formulation of Special G Long Life render it suitable for the most severe applications.

We trust you will share in our excitement at delivering this superb product to the South African market. For further information about Q8 Formula Special G Long Life 5W-30 simply contact your local representative, phone 011 462 1829 or email us at info@bcl.co.za