ancient use of grease
November 1, 2023 / News, OilChat NUmber 81-90

All-Purpose vs Multi-Purpose #OilChat 83

Over the centuries all sorts of materials have been employed as grease, including olive oil and animal fat mixed with lime.
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October 10, 2023 / News, OilChat NUmber 81-90

Oxidation – The Oil Killer #OilChat 82

Oxidation is an oil killer which can be described as a process in which oxygen combines with an element or substance.
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wheel bearing grease
September 3, 2023 / News, OilChat NUmber 81-90

Solid Lubricants in Rolling Bearings #OilChat 81

Heavy duty greases fortified with solid lubricants are commonly used in arduous applications where sliding or reciprocating motion is present.
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