ACEA oil sequences 2016 update OilChat#19

ACEA oil sequences 2016 update
ACEA oil sequences 2016 update

Since the first ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) Oil Sequences were introduced in 1996, updated specifications were issued in 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012- please refer to OilChat numbers 11 and 12. The long awaited next issue of the ACEA Oil sequences was finally released during December 2016. Reasons for this delay were the replacement of obsolete tests with new ones to reflect engine technology advancements and also to address the complications associated with the increase in use of biofuels.

The ACEA Oil sequence comprises of three classes: one for Petrol and Light Duty Diesel engines, one specifically for Petrol and Light Duty Diesel engines with exhaust after treatment devices and one for Heavy Duty Diesel engines. The ACEA sequences make up some of the industry’s most important performance standards and the ACEA 2016 update is a significant step for the global lubricant industry. ACEA 2016 sets a substantial increase in required performance from ACEA 2012.

ACEA 2016 Changes compared to ACEA 2012

The main features of the new ACEA 2016 engine oil sequences are the optimized performance capabilities in relation to the latest engine technologies, compatibility with new elastomer materials (seals, hoses etc.), improved compatibility with biofuels and increased potential to reduce fuel consumption. Some additional tests were also introduced for the individual categories.

ACEA 2016 Specific Changes

  • Category A1/B1 has been removed and not replaced.
  • Category C5 has been introduced to address the reduction of CO² levels and fuel consumption.
  • Introduction of various new engine tests:
  • CEC L-107 sludge test has not yet been finalized. In the interim Daimler’s sludge test is being used.
  • CEC L-111 petrol direct injection test for piston cleanliness and deposits in turbochargers.
  • CEC L-109 oxidation test for engine oils used with biodiesel.
  • CEC L-106 oil dispersion test at moderate temperatures for diesel direct fuel injection engines.
  • CEC L-112 test to check oil/elastomer capability.
  • CEC L-104 engine oil performance test to measure the effects of biodiesel using the DC OM646 DE22LA engine for piston cleanliness and sludge.

The ACEA 2016 Oil Sequence comprise the following twelve different Performance Categories within the three Service Classes:

A/B: Petrol and Light Duty Diesel Engine Oils (High SAPS)

A3/B3, A3/B4 & A5/B5

C: Catalyst Compatible Petrol and Light Duty Diesel Engine Oils (Low SAPS)

C1, C2, C3, C4, C5

E: Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils

E4, E6, E7, E9-

The table below summarises the changes that have occurred for each of the ACEA Oil Sequences since 1996:

ACEA 1996 ACEA 1998 ACEA 1999 ACEA 2002 ACEA 2004 ACEA 2007 ACEA 2008 ACEA 2010 ACEA 2012 ACEA 2016
A A1-96 A1-98 A1-98 A1-02
A2-96 A2-96 #2 A2-96 #2 A2-96 #3
A3-96 A3-98 A3-98 A3-02 A1/B1-04 A1/B1-04 A1/B1-08 A1/B1-10 A1/B1-12
A5-02 A3/B3-04 A3/B3-04 A3/B3-08 A3/B3-10 A1/B3-12 A3/B3-16
B B1-96 B1-98 B1-98 B1-02 A3/B4-04 A3/B4-04 A3/B4-08 A3/B4-10 A3/B4-12 A3/B4-16
B2-96 B2-98 B2-98 B2-98 #2 A5/B5-04 A5/B5-04 A5/B5-08 A5/B5-10 A5/B5-12 A5/B5-16
B3-96 B3-98 B3-98 B3-98 #2
B4-98 B4-98 B4-02
C C1-04 C1-04 C1-08 C1-10 C1-12 C1-16
C2-04 C2-04 C2-08 C2-10 C2-12 C2-16
C3-04 C3-07 C3-08 C3-10 C3-12 C3-16
C4-07 C4-08 C4-10 C4-12 C4-16
E E1-96 E1-96#2
E2-96 E2-96#2 E2-96#3 E2-96#3 E2-96#5 E2-96#5
E3-96 E3-96#2 E3-96#3 E3-96#3
E4-98 E4-99 E4-99 E4-99#3 E4-07 E4-08 E4-08#2 E4-12 E4-16
E5-99 E5-99
E6-04 E6-04#2 E6-08 E6-08#2 E6-12 E6-16
E7-04 E7-04#2 E7-08 E7-08#2 E7-12 E7-16
E9-08 E9-08#2 E9-12 E9-16

ACEA internationally omitted “E8” from the Sequences.


Each new issue of the Oil Sequences may include a new sequence, an increase in severity for an existing sequence or a change in testing with no change in severity. the nomenclature used by ACEA as a suffic to the Category, depends upon the type of change.

The complete ACEA 2016 Oil Sequences Requirements and Test Methods are available on documents/ACEA European oil sequences 2016.pdf