Q8Oils Introduces a New Super High Performance Diesel Engine Oil

We are excited to announce the launch of our new top tier heavy duty diesel engine oil

Q8 Formula Truck 7000 15W-40

Q8 Formula Truck 7000 15W-40 exceeds the demanding requirements of the most severe Industry and Engine Manufacturers specifications for SHPD (Super High-Performance Diesel) engine oils. It is a universal motor oil that is suitable for a wide variety of North-American, European and Japanese diesel engines.


Q8 Formula Truck 7000 15W-40 puts us in the forefront of new developments in Heavy Duty Motor Oil (HDMO) technology which offers improvements in terms of:

  • Engine protection
  • Shear stability
  • Wear control
  • Piston cleanliness
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Soot handling
  • Aeration control


Q8 Formula Truck 7000 15W-40 is suitable for a wide variety of applications including:

North-American high speed, four-stroke diesel engines designed to meet the latest on-highway and off-road exhaust emission standards, as well as older model diesel engines.

Euro I, II, III, IV, V and VI diesel engines equipped with diesel particulate filters or catalytic after-treatment systems (such as selective catalytic reduction) operating under severe heavy duty conditions.

Japanese four-stroke automotive diesel engines fitted with exhaust gas after-treatment devices (including diesel particulate filters), and older model diesel engines.

Extended Oil Drain Intervals according to the engine manufacturer’s recommendations i.e. Volvo VDS-4.5, Renault RLD-4, Mack EOS-4.5.


  • Provides enhanced protection against wear and corrosion.
  • Protects against bore polishing and cam wear.
  • Prevents engine fouling due to combustion soot.
  • Excellent bio-fuel compatibility for optimized cold starting properties.
  • Protects exhaust gas after-treatment systems.
  • Allows prolonged oil drain intervals and reduces maintenance costs.



Q8 Formula Truck 7000 15W-40 meets and exceeds the following challenging Industry and Engine Manufacturers specifications:

·         API CK-4 / CJ-4 / CI-4 Plus / CI-4 ·         ACEA E9
·         JASO DH-2 ·         Mercedes-Benz 228.31
·         Volvo VDS-4.5 ·         Caterpillar ECF-3, ECF-2
·         Cummins CES 20086 ·         Renault RLD-4
·         Mack EO-S 4.5 ·         Detroit Diesel DFS93K222
·         Deutz DQC III-10 LA ·         MTU Type 2.1



If you want to find out more about Q8 Formula Truck 7000 15W-40 mail us at info@p05.4d8.myftpupload.com