About Blue Chip Lubricants


Company Profile

Blue Chip Lubricants (Pty) Ltd is an independent leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of a wide variety of high quality lubricants and greases in South Africa since 1983.  Gary Marais and Kathleen Marais have been directors of the company since 2001.

As one of the founding members of ILBA (Independent Lubricants Blenders Association of South Africa), all our products meet industry standard and specifications.This association enforces principals of ethics where members pledge to adhere to a standard of excellence in bleeding, producing, packing and promoting of lubricants. For more information:  www.ilba.co.za.

For 27 years we have been dedicated to providing a quality range of accredited greases and lubricants to a variety of clients, varying from many different industries such as the automotive, mining, engineering, agricultural, industrial, commercial markets. We serve a wide variety of clients eg. Iscor; Renico; Goldfields; Simmer and Jack; Northern Platinum, Chrome Carriers and the Laser Transport Group.

We recognize the cost involved in breakdown situations for our customers and therefore we endeavor to move mountains to ensure your breakdown time is kept to a minimum. So when time is of the essence, we can be dynamic and flexible in going that extra mile to help you. We pride ourselves in our service excellence and ability to be reliable in our product and service delivery.

One of our major benefits is our excellent local manufacturing plant, based in Kya Sand, Randburg, Johannesburg. This blending facility ensures that we can always provide stock at a competitive pricing structure.

We can custom make greases for own specific applications and have a wide range of greases available:

  • Inorganic clay based greases

  • Lithium greases

  • Calcium greases

  • Polyurea greases

  • Semi fluid greases

  • Complex greases

There is also an oil blending facility, which is capable of blending a wide range of lubricating oils:

  • Motor oils

  • Gearbox oils

  • Industrial gear oils

  • Hydraulic oils

  • Turbine oils

  • Slideway oils / Cutting fluids

  • 2-Stoke oils

  • Automatic Transmission Fluids

  • Chainsaw lubricants

  • Antifreeze (Cooling system protector)

  • Brake fluids

  • Cleaning fluids

In addition to the blending facilities we also have a Laboratory on the premises, and are equipped to perform research and basic requirements of lab testing eg penetration tests, viscosity tests, density test, flash points etc.

Our lubricants are of the highest quality. We purchase 100% virgin base oils sourced from refineries based in Durban. Our additive packages are sources from an international Petroleum Additive Suppliers – Oronite, who also supplies additives to the Majors around the globe. Our products are filtered to a 16/12 filtration rate. All our oil samples are tested first in our own laboratory before products leave our premises.  Random samples are selected each month and tested by external company to establish conformity and correct additive packages.

One of our key strengths as a company is providing our clients with good technical support. Our dynamic team of specialists can provide you with all the necessary support and technical back up you might need, thus putting you and your business first, ensuring that all your product needs are met.

As an established brand in the lubricants industry, we also now have Franchise opportunities available nationally. For more information you can contact our Head Office.

Why CHOOSE Blue Chip Lubricants as a preferred supplier of CHOICE?

  • Reliable products and services.

  • Wide range of quality OEM approved products, meeting international standards.

  • Use 100% Virgin base oils to blend oil at own blending facility.

  • Committed team of specialists - personalized dedicated service.

  • Service excellence

  • Research and Development Facility and Support (Testing/Research – Technologically advanced)

  • Trustworthy, credible branded products – been in industry since 1983

  • Environmental conscientious

  • Dynamic technical support.

  • Competitive pricing

  • 24 Hour turnaround time

At Blue Chip Lubricants we value you as a client, and our goal is to become your business partner, providing you with value added products and services.  We choose to be reliable, we choose quality and we choose to deliver on service.

Our mission is to be a leading independent manufacturer and marketer of oils and greases within the South African market, and that’s why we choose and strive to make positive contribution and difference to your business and our environment.

"Our choice is helping you when and how it really matters."